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200 tons of automatic hydraulic machine operation and maintenance

2017-09-01 08:43:02


Safe operation:

1, the hydraulic press operator must be trained to master the equipment performance and operational skills before they can operate independently.
2, before the operation, you should first clean up the mold on a variety of debris, wipe the hydraulic pole on any dirt.
3, the hydraulic press installation mold must be carried out in the case of power off, prohibit the collision start button, handle and foot on the foot switch.
4, installed up and down mold alignment, adjust the mold gap, do not allow unilateral deviation from the center, to confirm the fixed mold after the test pressure.
5, hydraulic machine work before the first start the device idle 5 minutes,J67series refractory press while checking the oil tank is sufficient, the pump sound is normal, hydraulic units and pipes, joints, the piston is leaked. Shenzhen oil press TM series cited
6, start the device pressure test, check whether the pressure to work pressure, equipment, action is reliable, with or without leakage.
7, adjust the work pressure, but should not exceed 90% of the rated pressure of the device, test a workpiece, after passing the test and then production.
8, for different hydraulic press profiles and workpiece, press fit, calibration, should always adjust the press working pressure and pressure, the number of pressure and time, and to ensure that no damage to the mold and the workpiece.
9, the body pressure plate slide up and down, it is strictly prohibited hands and head into the pressure plate, mold work parts.
10, is strictly prohibited in the pressure at the same time, the work of the percussion, stretching, welding and cutting, bending, twisting and other operations.
11, hydraulic press around the machine shall not smoke, welding and cutting, fire, shall not store flammable, explosive materials. Do a good job of fire prevention measures.
12, hydraulic machine work is completed, should cut off the power, the press hydraulic rod wipe clean, add a good oil, the mold, the workpiece clean, placed neatly