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Analysis on the Current Situation of China 's Forging Machinery Industry

2017-09-05 11:57:46

  Forging machinery industry in the traditional concept which is extensive equipment, despite the status of forging machinery industry to increase the technological content, and continuously upgrade the technical level, EP series electric screw press but still difficult to change the extensive development model.

  The 1950s forging machinery industry started, the seventies and eighties to achieve the main forging machinery self-sufficiency, and rely on the product quality and cheap in the world market occupies an increasing share of 80% per year forging machine Export.

  China's casting and forging machinery industry is still a long-term varieties of basic varieties are complete,EP series electric screw press  but the middle and low product surplus, high-end products, the lack of the situation. From China's forging machinery import and export data to prove: imports are 3.3 times the export, imports of CNC forging machine is all the 1.78 times the export. Casting machinery import and export comparison is also exactly the same. EP series electric screw press This reflects the market demand for high-end products increased significantly, but also reflects the domestic high-end products in the technical level, the output value are obvious enough, can not product quality, technical indicators, customer service and other aspects to meet user needs.