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China forging mold industry prospects for a bright future

2017-10-27 14:09:29

Forging is a method of applying pressure to a metal blank using a forging machine to produce a plastic deformation to obtain a machining process with a certain mechanical property, a certain shape and size forging. Forging can be divided into two categories of free forging and forging. Which forging can be divided into open forging and closed forging two types of open forging is the deformation of metal deformation is not entirely limited by the mold cavity forging a way; closed die forging, also known as no flash forging , Generally in the forging process in the mold and the mold of the gap unchanged, blank in the closed around the mold in the shape, does not produce horizontal flash.

As the closed mold can save material, improve work efficiency, reduce the rejection rate, it is widely used. Closed mold generally consists of two major components, that is, the upper mold and the lower mold, in the mold on the bottom of the mold and the upper end of the mold are prefabricated mold cavity, the mold and the next mold buckle, to form a closed cavity The However, in the actual production, between the upper mold and the lower mold can not reach the ideal state of the state completely sealed, there will be large or small gap, the metal in the forging, a small amount of material will inevitably from the mold and the lower mold Of the gap outflow, so that the weight of the metal parts within the cavity, and even difficult to cover the metal parts of its size, reducing the accuracy of the production of metal parts.

The new mold includes both the upper module and the lower module, the upper module is arranged on the upper part of the lower module, the cavity is arranged on the opposite face of the upper module and the lower module, the metal part is formed in the cavity of the upper module and the lower module, The technical change is that there is a section or a circle of corners on the edge of the cavity of the upper module or the lower module, and the groove of the corresponding cavity of the corresponding module is provided with a groove facing the convex side, Arc, the upper module and the next module die, the convex edge into the groove, to fully sealed state.

The new forging forming mold is widely used, can be suitable for metal processing, can also be applied to non-metallic hot work, the hydraulic press, hydraulic press, friction press, roll forging machine, free forging, hot stamping and other types of stamping equipment are applicable. The study found that compared with the traditional closed die forging, can save 717% of metal materials, greatly reducing the cost of the enterprise, with a greater significance.

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