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Double Disk Friction Screw Press Questions and Troubleshooting

2018-01-02 14:17:39

Double Disk Friction Screw Press Questions and Troubleshooting
Electromagnetic double valve on the safety of the machine is very important, therefore, be careful to use.
The following rules must be observed:
Exhaust port part should not have resistance. The factory equipped with a timing muffler may not change or remove other components, and the exhaust should not be stacked beside other obstacles.
For safe use, muffler must be cleaned once a month to ensure that the exhaust gas flow.
Fault and overhaul. Electromagnetic double valve leaks, the coil burning fever and other anomalies, should immediately contact with the original or replacement.
Electromagnetic double-valve requirements of each stage before the intake, exhaust check the phenomenon, if the fault please timely repair.
Air filter regulator
Air filter with filter, regulator function.
Ventilation, set the pressure value of the valve, with pressure gauge instructions.
Double Disk Friction Screw Press should be drained regularly using a valve.
Maintenance and disassembly inspection. The filter should be cleaned regularly. Pressure regulator, the pressure does not go, should check whether the spring fracture, such as rupture should be removed and replaced.



Double Disk Friction Screw Press