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Double Disk Friction Screw Press classification

2017-12-29 13:27:02

Double Disk Friction Screw Press classification
Pneumatic presses
Pneumatic presses from the gas cylinder + table + control logic valve composed of the press! Pneumatic and hydraulic power output! 3KG - 7KG gas source can reach 1 ton to 100 tons of high-voltage output!
Screw press
Screw press with screw, nut as a transmission mechanism, and by spiral transmission will flywheel forward and reverse rotation into the slider up and down reciprocating forging machinery. Work, the motor to accelerate the rotation of the flywheel to save energy, at the same time by screw, nut push the slider down. When the slider touches the workpiece, the flywheel is forced to decelerate to a complete stop, the stored rotational kinetic energy is converted into an impact energy, and the workpiece is deformed by the slider against the workpiece. After the blow, the motor reverses the flywheel and drives the slider to rise back to its original position. Screw press specifications with nominal work force to represent.
Crank press
Crank press is one of the most popular cold stamping equipment used as a working platform for cold stamping dies. Its structure is simple, easy to use. According to different forms of bed structure, crank press can be divided into open crank press or closed crank press; press the number of drive connecting rod can be divided into single-point press or multi-point press; press the number of slide Is one or two can be divided into single-action presses or double-action presses.
Double Disk Friction Screw Press consists of a press and a hydraulic press, with a wide range of uses and high productivity. It processes parts into plastic by applying strong pressure to the metal blank to plastically deform and break the metal.



Double Disk Friction Screw Press