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Double disk friction screw press introduction

2018-01-03 15:40:34

Double disk friction screw press introduction
The utility model relates to a double-disc friction screw press, which has a fuselage, a column shaft arranged on the fuselage, an upper cross beam arranged at the upper end of the fuselage, a nut nut and a screw rod connected with the upper cross beam, There are left flywheel and right flywheel, screw and slider connected to the lower end of the beam, the slider and fuselage on the guide to match. Fuselage with a table between the table and the slide between the mold. The utility model has the advantages of low cost, good performance, reliable quality, high control level, saving investment, improving efficiency, simple structure, safety and reliability, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, frequency conversion control, energy saving and low cost. Adjust the mold, striking force, forgings high precision, high precision forming.



Double Disk Friction Screw Press