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Finite Element Analysis of Integral Structure of Forging Machine

2017-10-10 15:34:42

Forging press is an important part of industrial infrastructure equipment, in the aerospace, automobile manufacturing, transportation, metallurgical and other important industrial sectors have been widely used. Especially in today's industrialization process of rapid development of China, large and special The design and calculation of the parameters and the simulation of the working state are particularly important for the safety and reliability of the large forgings.

Large-scale forging machine on the beam structure is complex, in order to make its strength, stiffness to meet the requirements, the use of Solid-Works software simulator in the working state of the stress state of the beam on the stress analysis, the beam structure design more reasonable and safe and reliable The According to the principle of generalized modular design, the finite element model of 45MN forging machine unit preload and frame functional modules is established in AN-SYS respectively. The deformation and stress of the frame under no load and street load are discussed respectively distributed. The finite element method is used to calculate and calculate the finite element method, and the calculation method of the improved method is put forward by using the method of three - dimensional elastic contact finite element method.

From the above can be seen, for the forging machine research focused on its stress and deformation of the simulation, while the other parts of the concern is still less. However, in the actual work, other parts of the structure (such as columns, sliders, etc.) will also affect the overall operation of forging press. The finite element model is established in the Workbench for the whole structure of the forging machine under the most severe (partial load working load) conditions. The preload force is applied to the forging machine by setting the contact clearance value between the preloading bolt and the upper and lower beams, Based on the contact nonlinear dynamics, the stress and strain of the forging machine are analyzed.

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