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Friction screw press definition and structure

2017-12-15 15:02:03

Friction screw press definition and structure
Screw press can be divided into two ways, one is to apply torque to the bolt to generate static pressure, and the other is through the bolt on the flywheel rotation energy concentrated once for the molding method.
As long as it is through the screw structure to make up and down the slider forming torque of the press, are considered as a screw press.
Screw and nut are used as transmission mechanism, and the forward and reverse rotation movement of the flywheel is transformed into a forging machine reciprocating up and down of the slider by a helical transmission. Work, the motor to accelerate the rotation of the flywheel to save energy, at the same time by screw, nut push the slider down. When the slider touches the workpiece, the flywheel is forced to decelerate to a complete stop, the stored rotational kinetic energy is converted into an impact energy, and the workpiece is deformed by the slider against the workpiece. After the blow, the motor reverses the flywheel and drives the slider to rise back to its original position. Screw press specifications with nominal work force to represent.
Screw presses are usually driven by the motor through the friction disc friction wheel flywheel so that the flywheel rotation, so this press is also known as friction press, China's largest friction press 25 trillion cattle. Larger specifications of the screw press hydraulic system driven flywheel, known as hydraulic screw press, the largest specifications of 125 trillion cattle. Later appeared with the motor direct drive flywheel electric screw press, its compact structure, fewer transmission links, due to frequent commutation, demanding control of electrical appliances, and the need for special motor.