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Friction screw press function and principle

2017-12-15 15:19:05

Friction screw press function and principle
Screw press without fixed bottom dead center, for larger die forgings, you can blow several times forming, you can singles, even the fight and inching. Striking force is related to the deformation of the workpiece. When the deformation is large, the striking force is small and the deformation is small (such as cold strike). In these respects it is similar to forging hammer. But its slider speed is low (about 0.5 m / s, only 1/10 of the forging hammer). The striking force is enclosed by the frame, so the work is stable and the vibration is much smaller than the forging hammer, so it does not need a great foundation. Screw presses equipped with slip insurance agencies, the maximum striking force is limited to less than 2 times the nominal pressure to protect the safety of equipment.
Electric screw press the basic working principle
Motor-driven screw press flywheel, sleeve shaft and nut with frequent positive and negative movement, the nut and the screw to form movement pay, the nut drive screw and slider up and down movement, resulting in striking force. The control system design with PLC as the core has several working program segments. The striking speed of each program segment can be adjusted by the corresponding electrical. The number of strikes of each program segment can be set by the corresponding counter. The press can be collected every moment of the working state of logic to determine the completion of the motor control and braking, feeding and discharging device control, pneumatic control of the mold. Coupled with the corresponding import and export of various types of workpiece devices, presses can be fully automatic work.