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Friction screw press history

2017-12-25 11:20:43

Friction screw press history
Friction screw press is the earliest spiral screw press in modern industry. It has the advantages of simple structure and low price. It has been nearly two hundred years history and is still widely used. In addition to the forging industry, but also for the building materials industry. The manufacturing industry has played a tremendous role and practical significance. This article has consulted a lot of domestic and foreign literatures, have a detailed understanding of the domestic and foreign research status and development trends of friction screw press optimization. For the friction press, there are still some defects in the engineering design and use, such as the parameter selection is not reasonable, the mechanical efficiency is too low and so on. In this paper, the friction press `was more comprehensive discussion, clarified the working principle of the friction press. Comprehensive use of predecessors to design and calculate the results of better friction press, can better solve practical problems. The friction press design has reference value.



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