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Friction screw press installation

2017-12-22 11:32:07

Friction screw press installation
Users will rub the friction screw press to the installation site, open the box, and then according to the instructions to carry out the installation work, the press on the laid cement foundation, using the spirit level on the table before and after the test bench, Level of tolerance required per 1 000 mm length allow 0.20 mm, if uneven material iron to be adjusted until it meets the requirements. See Figure 10 for foundation drawings. After the cement is solidified, it should be evenly tightened to the screw (M24), check the level of the fuselage workbench with the spirit level, and the press must be completely solidified to start the work. After the press is installed, carefully wash the rust oil on the press surface with kerosene
Do not kerosene on the paint surface, so paint damage. Care should be taken to clean the shoulders and depressions, cleaned with cotton yarn, coated with a thin layer of lubricant. And check the lubrication hole is smooth, not blocked.
After the well, the press should be fitted with a reliable ground wire.


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