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Friction screw press mechanical maintenance

2017-12-22 11:28:28

Friction screw press mechanical maintenance
be careful
Make sure that the lockout / opening process is properly performed to ensure the safety of service personnel and to ensure that the sleeve is placed at the very bottom of the travel before performing brake maintenance work. If you do, you do not need to lock the sleeve again.
Maintenance process
Presses operators are added to the maintenance press to keep them alert to maintenance or management personnel when problems arise. They operate presses daily, making it easier to hear or see signs of problems. Just as you drive the same car every day, you can be aware of unusual sounds the first time, which is the same for operators.
Workshop environment control
A clean press allows operators or maintenance personnel to quickly detect the problem. Such as oil spills, leaks, breaks, etc., if the press is clean, then it is easy to find out its location.
problem solved
Only qualified electrical technicians can maintain the electrical circuit of the press, but you can still check if the light bulb on the press control panel is normal, ensure that the light bulb is working for each shift, and correctly display each Kind of operating conditions.
Make sure you balance
A precision-balanced press works better, so it's best to check once a year. The pneumatic system is responsible for the operation of pneumatic brakes and balancing systems and the need to check for gas leaks because the proper pneumatic pressure can affect the performance of the brakes and balance system and they control the press's stoppage time and will cause the operator to operate People and equipment are in danger. In addition, all pneumatic systems have regulators, lubricators and reservoirs. The water accumulated in the gas line should be removed daily.
Inappropriate maintenance of the friction screw press lubrication system is also one of the major causes of press shutdowns and for some reasons many press operators occasionally change the screens during operation of the circulating oil system with screens . Should be replaced at the same time to replace the oil filter, usually also need to be replaced frequently.
Maintain the key
For a mechanical press routine maintenance project, which aspects are the most important? The answer is operator. All press maintenance and problem finding begins with the operator, and operators often find the press problems early enough to prevent significant and sustained damage to the press components. Operators were able to spot problems by noticing strange sounds emitted by the press; abnormal temperature rise, smoke, debris or metal particles in certain sections; and leaky lines. Every day, operators should ask themselves some questions, record the answers after inspection, and maintain long-term maintenance records.

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