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Friction screw press operating procedures

2017-12-14 12:00:50

Friction screw press operating procedures
1, wear, wear protective equipment.
2, comply with the general punching work safety rules.
3, according to the lubrication requirements of the machine refueling.
4, the mold must be checked before the mold closing height within the allowable range before loading mode. Adjust the punch stroke up and down to keep it within the specified safety range.
5, the mold should be firmly fastened, after a few parts pressure test, the mold should be tightened again in order to avoid accidents.
6, work, holding the lever should be smooth and hard, not violent pressure, to avoid the hammer and bed strong impact, so as to avoid accidents.
7, flywheel rotation is not allowed to adjust the machine or install other tools and other work.
8, both at the same time work on the press, the spirit should be concentrated, before the stroke of the stroke must greet the action consistent, not allowed to reach out into the work of dangerous areas.
9, 礅 live, only 礅 220mm × 200mm specifications within the plate.
10, work is completed, the punch steady landing, turn off the order.
11, an accident should be maintained at the scene, and reported to the relevant departments.