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Friction screw press safety operating procedures

2017-12-26 09:11:43

Friction screw press safety operating procedures
1, Friction screw press forging, should comply with the general forging safety operating procedures;
2, the mold must be checked before closing the mold closing height, the closing height within the allowable range to install the mold, adjust the punch stroke up and down to maintain within the specified range; After the workpiece loading and unloading, the work surface shall not be placed on the measuring tools and other objects;    
3, before driving should first check the hydraulic system pump, pressure gauge is normal, the fuel tank is lack of oil, control valve hand is intact;
4, start the process of the device first start the pump (or open the compressor air valve), and then start the friction motor, and then off the pump (or compressor air valve);
5, work should pay attention to pump pressure or compressed air pressure is normal;
6, the normal operation of equipment, no matter when the hand board, button or pedal control, each punch a work piece; hand or foot must leave the hand, button or pedal to prevent misuse;
7, flywheel rotation, do not allow the machine to adjust or press the mold and other work, work is completed, the punch steady landing, according to the order off.

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