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J67 Series Double Disc Friction Press

2017-09-11 11:31:53


J67 series of electric screw press for refractory refractory material industry characteristics, forming special equipment specially designed for refractory industry, with high efficiency and energy saving, safe operation, convenient operation, stable quality, small maintenance workload etc.. The striking energy can be accurately set, the striking force is displayed, and the energy and the striking force can be adjusted according to the manufacturing process and the forming precision. J67series refractory press At the same time inherited the J67 series friction press closed high, large, wide table slide stroke and many other advantages, suitable for pressing clay brick, magnesia brick, magnesia brick, brick, corundum brick, magnesia spinel brick, alumina brick, brick, brick and other skateboard tar refractory brick.

The switched reluctance motor through the gear drive (or belt) the screw drives the slider; the fuselage uses the prestressed structure; braking device can realize the full stroke at any position braking; ejector mechanism type ejection device with mechanical rod; controlled by PLC, with the move, manual and automatic control. The human machine interface (HMI) is adopted, which is convenient for the operator to set the parameters of striking force and striking times according to the change of the workpiece and the process.



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