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J93 Series Double Disc Friction Press FeaturesFeb

2017-09-11 11:36:16

Friction press features

1 the products are mainly used for forging, forging, precision correction, pressure molding process of large forgings, which can be widely used in automobile, tractor, train, ship, aviation, hardware tools, medical equipment, tableware, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

2 the main framework of the prestressed frame, key bearing parts made of high quality alloy steel forging rod, so as to fundamentally solve the whole cast steel body casting defects caused by internal strength body problems, and a high strength good rigidity.

3 friction disc adjustment adopts cross coupling structure, J93series refractory press so as to prevent deformation from rust and solves the difficult problem of friction wheel adjustment, and convenient for user maintenance.

4 brake the translation type arc full stroke braking, braking force, brake is sensitive and reliable, on the friction belt wear light, long service life, convenient replacement and adjustment of mould.

5 the use of direct push cylinder structure, the structure is reliable, fundamentally solve the problem of easy operation and difficult to pull the fork, and maintenance problems.

The 6 flywheel adopts the sliding safety device, so as to ensure that the equipment can not only output the larger striking energy, but also can be used to protect the flywheel when the output is strong.

7 the main lubrication point using automatic lubrication, so as to avoid the human factor caused by the lubrication is not timely, inadequate and damage to the spiral problem.

8 top material adopts hydraulic ejection structure, the top output is large, and the roof is stable, the top output and the ejection stroke can be adjusted.

9 the platform has good rigidity, small vibration, low noise, convenient operation, beautiful appearance and safety device.

10 electrical equipment uses a programmable logic controller (PLC), the use of simple, sensitive and reliable adjustment, you can choose to install photoelectric protection, to further ensure the safety of the operator, can also choose to display the tonnage meter, work equipment blow force.



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