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Our country is moving from forging power to forging power

2017-09-04 15:41:40

As the basic industry of machinery manufacturing industry, forging industry has an important impact on the equipment manufacturing industry and national defense construction, but also an important indicator of the degree of international industrialization, China has become a world power forging industry, but can not be called the world forging industry Power.

1, to solve the major equipment required for China's large forgings China has more than 80 MN hydraulic press more than 140 units, of which 60MN-125MN press 9, with 600MW subcritical thermal power units, 700MN all the large forgings production capacity, 150MN hydraulic machine The use of the corresponding equipment and process level in place will be able to manufacture 550-600 tons of steel ingots, the production of 300 tons of high-quality forgings, and gradually meet all the imports of 700MW hydropower, 1000MW nuclear power and supercritical thermal power units forging.

2, to increase the production of forging forging efforts to form the main force for the establishment of forging power China forging production enterprises, some of the backbone enterprises using hot forging presses, and the corresponding operation with the manipulator and multi-station thermoforming press , The majority of enterprises still use double-disc friction press equipped with air hammer prepared Peide manual operation of the production process, so that forging accuracy, die life, forging quality and stability are affected. So forged also faces a domestic due to the development of the automotive industry, the international development of global good opportunities for procurement.

Division I vigorously use the combat energy control of the clutch screw presses and hot forging presses, and with wedge rolling, roll forging blank process, the workpiece gradually move to manual operation to the transition. From new materials (non-quenched and tempered steel) applications, cutting, heating, mold preheating, lubrication, forging process control, forging heat treatment and cleaning, continue to be modified. I forging machinery in the already have considerable capacity and competitiveness.

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