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Study on the Performance of Electric Screw Press

2017-09-25 15:35:30

Electric screw press is a kind of energy efficient equipment, in the machine, cutting and other work gap, the main motor is not working, so as to achieve the purpose of saving. However, in the fight against the work, requiring the main motor quickly start and reach the set speed, which requires the motor and drive system can provide a higher starting torque, the drive system should have a strong overload capacity. ABB industrial drives are designed for current rating to meet high overload requirements in industrial applications. ACS800 frequency control system is the core of direct torque control - DTC technology, based on the DTC principle of control technology can provide excellent performance and significant advantages: accurate static and dynamic speed and torque control, high starting torque.

EPC-8000 80MN electric screw press adopts ACS800 air-cooled multi-drive speed control system, mainly by the auxiliary control unit (ACU), into the line unit (ICU), power supply unit (DSU), brake chopper unit (BCU ), A drive unit (INU), and a network access device. Power supply unit for the twelve pulse diode rectifier unit, rated power of 2521kW; multi-drive system consists of two transmission units, each drive unit to drive a motor, the unit rated power 1400kW; brake chopper continuous braking Power is 357kW. ACS800 drive system is a highly flexible AC inverter, its configuration can meet the precise needs of various industries, with a wide power and voltage range, the inverter is controlled by the computer can be programmed to meet their Under the occasion of the automation applications, intelligent detection and fault alarm recording function, the main motor provides a powerful protection.

Open hardware, software structure, easy to form an intelligent, flexible manufacturing system The machine control system using S7-300 PLC, the hardware itself is open, PLC with a variety of network connection module, and the software system can be open Type, structured programming, which makes the electrical control system can be with the field of auxiliary equipment through the field bus such as PPROFIBUS, AS1 and other connections to achieve the logic of the production line action; can also be connected through the Industrial Ethernet and host computer to form a factory-level intelligence Management system, so that forging production line into a flexible manufacturing system, enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is an important component.

To the performance parameters and compared with other models rotary presses, 53-8000 80MN double disc friction press and Germany Wanjia Dayton produced PZS900 80MN electric screw press performance parameters can be seen: electric screw press Performance is better than double disc friction press.

Electric screw press flywheel total energy domestic production is lower than the import, only to its lower limit, this has a certain gap.

Due to material reasons electric screw press screw diameter made slightly larger than the imported.

Electric screw press table width of the size of the domestic and imported machinery is basically the same size, and the size of the front and rear direction according to the user's request to change.

The electric screw press has a certain difference in weight, subject to the weight control of the cast blank.

Electric screw press price is only half of the domestic imports.

Electric screw press control devices are used in international brand products, control, functional principle quite