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The Difference Between Electric Screw Press And Friction Press

2017-09-05 11:47:55

1, friction press structure is simple, low prices. But the drive efficiency is low, the slider down at 0.65 or so, the slider back when the 0.35 or so. Friction is easy to wear and needs to be replaced frequently. Strike energy is not easy to control precisely.

2, friction press workers by manual operation, labor intensity,forging quality is not easy to control, the higher the quality requirements of workers.

3, electric screw presses can accurately control the energy, forging forming tolerance is small.J53 series Friction Screw Press The quality requirements of workers is not high, just set the forging forming the required strike energy, the computer control of the strike process, without human intervention. 4, electric screw press machine due to the precise control of energy, no excess energy released on the mold, mold life greatly improved, according to statistics, friction press die life is generally below 4000, while the electric screw press die life in general Are more than 15,000, some even more than 50,000 pieces.

5, electric screw presses can be programmed forging, can automatically set the multi-step energy to carry out multiple attacks.

6, electric screw press slider at rest, the motor does not work, low power consumption. Than the friction press more than 20% power saving.

7, electric screw press no fixed bottom dead center, do not have to adjust the mold height, mold for easy. Can easily adjust the travel height, return location accurate.

8, electric screw press has a strike force display, the protection of the host will not overload.