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hand crank press Basic principle of mechanics

2018-01-15 10:07:34

hand crank press Basic principle of mechanics
Presses from the motor driven mechanism through the transmission mechanism, the work force applied to the workpiece. Transmission mechanism for the belt drive, gear drive reducer; work mechanism sub-screw mechanism, crank connecting rod mechanism and hydraulic cylinder.
Press sub-screw presses, crank presses and hydraulic presses three categories.
hand crank press is one of the most popular cold stamping equipment used as a working platform for cold stamping dies. Its structure is simple, easy to use. According to different forms of bed structure, crank press can be divided into open crank press or closed crank press; press the number of drive connecting rod can be divided into single-point press or multi-point press; press the number of slide Is one or two can be divided into single-action presses or double-action presses.
The lower part of the press is equipped with forging ejector. Spiral presses both forging hammer, mechanical presses and other forging machinery, versatility, can be used for forging, blanking, drawing and other processes. In addition, the screw press simple structure, easy to manufacture, so widely used.

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