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hand crank press application characteristics classification

2018-01-12 10:59:17

hand crank press application characteristics classification
The hand crank press has double acting deep drawing presses, multi-station automatic presses, rotary head presses, hot forging presses and cold extruders.
① double-acting deep drawing press: it has inside and outside the two slide for drawing the cup forming. Before drawing the outer slide first press the outer edge of the sheet, and then drive the inner slide die drawing cup to prevent the outer edge of the slab wrinkled. After the drawing is completed, the inner slider will be returned first and the outer slider will be released later. Inside and outside the slider nominal working force ratio (1.7 ~ 1): 1.
② multi-station automatic press: In a press with a number of stations, multi-channel device forming die, followed by the blank automatically move to a station. In a press trip, the station at the same time all the forming process, made of a workpiece.
③ rotary head press: Between the slider and the table can be equipped with dozens of sets of mold rotary head, mold can be selected according to need. Billets on the mold and no longer move. After each trip is completed, turn the head to rotate a position to complete a process. This press positioning accuracy, easy to adjust the product, a multi-purpose machine, used for punching instrument panels and panels. Rotary head press can be equipped with CNC system, according to the instructions compiled by the selection of mold and sheet metal forming parts, automatic complex stamping work.
④ hot die forging press: for die forging production. Body stiffness, long guide-face, bearing partial load capacity. In the past with crank mechanism, in order to improve the rigidity of more than double slider and wedge. Double slider structure is simple, light weight; wedge-shaped structure of the bearing area, but the transmission efficiency is low. Forging when the slider near the bottom dead center easily stuck (commonly known as boring car), so with prolapse. Top-down mechanism in the machine, to achieve multi-die forging, forgings of high precision, suitable for mass production. The maximum size of 160 trillion cattle.
⑤ cold extrusion machine: for cold and warm extrusion metal parts, such as gun shells, toothpaste tubes. Cold extrusion machine is generally vertical, characterized by good stiffness, high guidance accuracy, work pressure, work table small, long working stroke.

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